Stafford Teachers Love Mini-Grants

Congratulations to our spring winners of mini-grants provided by YOUR fundraising efforts and the Stafford PTA. Teachers submit their requests for extra supplies, activities and programs to support their teaching plans. This spring’s winners are:

  • Ed Armstrong — calculators
  • Carrie Baxter — Writing with “Flair”
  • Pamela Foster — calculators
  • Shannon Smith — Writing with “Flair”
  • Michelle Snow — Coloring the Printed Word

Armstrong Baxter MiniGrants
Foster MiniGrant








Smith MiniGrantSnow MiniGrant


Teacher Mini Grant Winners Announced

In the fall, the Stafford PTA recognized and awarded six lucky teachers with the first-ever Stafford PTA Mini Grant, thanks to the support of our Stafford families.
mini grant winners
Mini-Grant Winner
Using funds from PTA memberships, local monthly Spirit nights and fundraising, we were able to honor these teachers. The mini grants help support them in their classrooms, affecting hundreds of students along the way. Congratulations to our winners!